Touch Controller

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The Touch Controller by Aquatronica is an innovative and attractive control unit with 7” display. 
Its large touch screen offers straightforward programming and an excellent grapich display. 

Using the Touch Controller by Aquatronica, you can monitor the chemical parameters of your tanks and set programs to manage the peripheral units connected to it (such as pumps, heaters etc.) quite simply and quickly. 

Aquatronica Touch Controller is also designed to control one or more salt or soft water aquariums simultaneously. 

You can connect the device to the network via a buit-in Ethernet module or via a compatible Wi-fi key (which you can buy separately). 

The user inteface is user-friendly. The work of a team of graphic designers and experts in the field of interface design and man-machine interfacing is focused on the user-friendliness of the system, assessing the reactions and the specific uses of customers over time to make each operation straightforward and immediate. 

The network connections allow you to view the parameters and to manage the aquarium via Internet; they system also manages the automatic forwarding of e-mails for reports and alarms. It is compatible with Windows™ ed Apple™ . The Touch controller is equipped with a LAN connection, two USB ports and SD card reader. It is also compatible with all the Aquatronica products, modules, interfaces, lights and accessories.

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