Aquarium Controller Evolution

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Aquatronica’s electronic AQUARIUM CONTROLLER EVOLUTION is easy to use, allowing you to control all the electrical devices in an aquarium and to monitor all their parameters; it can be used for soft water aquariums, salt water aquariums or both simultaneously. In fact this device can 

  • control all the interfaces for measuring the chemical values inside the aquarium and all the accessories connected to the system.

  • set the settings you want in your aquarium.

  • consult the data relatign to measurements taken.


It’s modern and cuntional design as well as its numerous functions and applications make the Aquarium Controller not only a true funishing item, but an essential element for controlling an aquarium as well. Its main feature is that it can be reprogrammed from a PC so as to keep all the enabled funcions, and those which can be implemented in the future, updated. The graphic display also makes sure that programming the device is optimum, the measurements taken are constantly checked, and that their graphic trends over time are displayed. 

Thanks to just one control unit, the Aquarium Controller system currently guarantees the following functions: 

  • Control of one or more aquariums.

  • Manual control of the sockets (from 6 to 80).

  • Multi-timer function on each sockets (from 6 to 160 programmes).

  • Wave effect.

  • Tide effect.

  • Summer funcion.

  • Black-out checks.

  • Sound and visual alarms.

  • Electronic diary.

  • Reading and controlling paramenters.

  • Automatic recognition of the devices connected.

  • Connection to a PC.

  • Reprogrammable software.

  • Dimmerability.

  • Connectivity.

Note: the control unit is powered by the Power Unit

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