Product no.: ACQ410-PH7
The pH7 calibration solution is used to calibrate the pH electrode.



pH10 Calibration Solution


The pH10 calibration solution is used to calibrate the pH electrode.



REDOX Calibration Solution


The 465 mV calibration solution allows the redox electrode to be calibrated correctly.



High Conductivity Calibration Solution


The calibration solution 53 mS/cm is used to calibrate the high conductivity electrode correctly





The 1.4mS calibration solution is used to calibrate the Freshwater EC electrode .



Electrode Cleaning Solution


The electrode cleaning solution enables the correct routine maintenace of the electrodes.



Calibration Solutions


Box with inside 6 mixed calibration solutions



Barb connector


Barb connector ø 6 mm for solenoid valve ACQ421



Solenoid Valve Water/CO2


Solenoid Valve for Osmosys Systems and CO2 



Probe Bracket


The probe bracket is used to fit all types of Aquatronica probes and electrodes in aquariums.



Graduated Tube


Plastic graduated measuring tube with screw cap.



Dosing Pump Spare Part


The spare part for dosing pumps keeps the dosing pump kit (ACQ450) always in perfect operation at top performance. 



Extention Kit


The ACQ425 accessories kit allows Dosing pumps (ACQ450) to be easily connected to containers of aquarium supplements. 




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Product no.: ACQ310N-PH

The pH electrode is for measuring the pH level on an aquarium in continuous immersion. It must be connected to power units through the appropriate interface.

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